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Episode 122 - Wayward Sons by Bayre

To stop the Apocalypse choices must be made and lines must be drawn. Dean, Sam and John all must choose the right path to save themselves and a world forever altered. The choice to kill a father or a brother or a son, to fight side by side or die apart, the choice between Heaven or Hell. The choice between survival or death.



Walking quietly from one door to the next, Dean checked them and the windows. Everything was intact and secure. He made his way to the service entrance, stepping outside for some fresh air. Slight movement in the shadows had his hand immediately reaching for his gun. In the next second the shadowy movement resolved more clearly. "Hello, Dean."

He relaxed a small amount, heíd always be wary around this visitor. "We have it as done as itíll get. Thereís really only one sticky spot."

The figure in front of him nodded, but said nothing.

Dean was hit with a flash of inspiration so suddenly it nearly shoved him off his feet. He narrowed his gaze, studying his visitor closely. "You can help. Sam and I, we canít do this alone, we need help. Your help. Iíve never asked anyone for anything like this before, but I think I have an idea, if youíll help us. Weíre out of options and have no where else to turn."

Nodding slowly was the answer Dean had hoped for. He blinked and was alone, Deanís visitor had vanished.

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